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The first step to solving your companies issues is to ask yourself...
"Where is my DNA?"

As you grow your company, it can become difficult to see the solutions around us that we need in order for our business to reach its full potential. That's where I come in. As an experienced entrepreneur and CEO myself, my background has taught me how to help any entrepreneurial business owner break through those barriers utilizing our proprietary and proven system of growth that's just right for them.

Exploratory Interview
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Every business is different. Every company has a unique culture. Every CEO or manager brings his or her own strengths and weaknesses to the table, which can make it difficult to see and truly understand what is happening within the organization. Our Exploratory Interview process is an opportunity to spend a full day together to get clarity on the challenges and needs of the organization and its leaders.


The process of understanding a company's problems can be more valuable than anything else. A potential client must commit to spending a full day putting it all on the table, pulling back the curtain, and probing into the company’s real problems.

We Are Highly Skilled At Asking Revealing Questions:

  • Who is in charge?

  • What are the issues that make you worry about the future of your company?

  • Are there any leaders in the company underperforming?

  • What is the morale of the company?

  • What is the true cost of the issues to the company?

Our belief is that almost every issue a company faces is a people issue. Fundamentally, we must determine the organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We do this by analyzing what is working and what may not be optimized and help you develop solutions for your company. At that point, we must mutually decide if we are a fit to work together. For us, we are not just looking for clients, we are truly looking for lasting relationships that go beyond just a conference room. 

Organizational Assessment 
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Our Organizational Assessment is a comprehensive process designed to provide a complete picture of the company while identifying critical issues that must be addressed. Through this confidential process, we will collect data, analyze the critical issues, and work together on creating a mutually agreed upon roadmap for success.


  • Provide an objective, written analysis of the current status of your organization from attitudinal, behavioral, and structural viewpoints. This will allow us to define your problems/challenges objectively.

  • Give specific recommendations for the development/restructuring of the organization consistent with your personal and business goals.  

  • Emphasize recruiting and selection issues and solutions.

  • Provide additional insight regarding potential problems or areas of uncertainty.

RSTMM® Training
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Once we understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s time for a coordinated attack. We teach leaders how to implement RSTMM®, recruit great talent, train new hires or current employees on skills needed at work, and motivate them with recognition so they stay engaged in their jobs. Properly implemented this cohesive system will help you take your human capital efficiency through the roof.

The RSTMM® includes the following components:

  • A Powerful system for recruiting quality candidates, selecting them, and matching them to the right jobs. (Winning Through Selection)®

  • A program to help managers develop their teams and get people into performance quickly. (Winning through Action Training)®

  • Strategies and tools to help managers tap into the motivations of their team members and lead them for greater success. (Winning Through Motivation)®

Organizational Development Coaching 
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Execution is the key to success, both in life and business. During the Organizational Development process, we act as the project manager and help the leader or leadership team implement the recommended solutions uncovered in the Organizational Assessment. Organizational development also helps to distill a clear vision and action plan for what’s next.

The Big Goals:

  • Manage the company's survival, growth, and perpetuation while increasing its financial success.

  • Coach and advise leadership to ensure they make great people decisions using integrated KPI’s.

  • Install accountability systems for performance while encouraging a balanced life at the leadership level.

Our team will measure the success of the program according to carefully selected financial goals and tangible and intangible positive changes in the personal and professional lives of the leadership team, and new and current talent.

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